Warranty Overview

 One Year Limited Warranty - When operated and maintained according to all instructions supplied, if Ring Rescue fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within one year from the date of original retail purchase, the product will be repaired or replaced at the option of Ring Rescue Incorporated, at no charge. Be sure to read the Detailed Warranty Information below for full warranty description.

 This warranty covers only defects in material or workmanship and excludes the following:

  1. Unsuccessful ring removal attempts. Ring Rescue Inc. does not guarantee ring removal results, as circumstances and conditions may cause the product to be ineffective. In these situations, a cutting device or other means may be required to remove stuck rings.

  2. Misuse, neglect, alteration, accident, or improper care.

  3. Damage or failure if RingRescue is not operated or maintained according to all instructions provided with the product.

 All warranty claims must be authorized in advance by Ring Rescue Inc., at which time a Return Authorization (R/A #) will be issued. All packages, correspondence, documents and packing slips must reference this R/A #.

Warranty Service:

  1. Before contacting your dealer, we strongly recommend you review the instructional videos on our website on how to use RingRescue and what to expect. These can be found at www.ringrescue.com/tutorial

  2. After reviewing the instructional videos and manual, if you suspect your product is defective, contact Ring Rescue Customer Service at 1-888-640-7464 between 8 am and 4 pm EST, Monday to Friday (except Holidays).

  3. If the Ring Rescue Customer Service Technician deems your product to be defective, you will be emailed a prepaid shipping label with a Return Authorization Number (R/A #) to ship the defective product to the following address:


    Ring Rescue Inc.

    20 Orion Court

    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

    B2Y 4W6


  4. A Ring Rescue Customer Service Technician will provide specific shipping instructions. For Customs purposes, mark package as “Medical Device Parts – Returning to Manufacturer”.

  5. Once the defective product is shipped, a replacement product will be shipped to you.

  6. Replacement parts do not include shipping costs for shipping outside of North America.

  7. Please make sure the package includes the R/A # clearly marked on the envelope, and a letter inside stating the nature of the return, complete with your full address and contact information.

Detailed Warranty Information:

Limited Warranty for Ring Rescue Incorporated

Product: Ring Rescue

Effective August 1st, 2019

  1. Ring Rescue Incorporated warrants to persons and companies (the “Buyer”) who purchase its Ring Rescue Devices (the “Product”) that the Product is free from defects in material and workmanship and conform to the specifications published by Ring Rescue Incorporated.

  2. The provisions of this warranty extend to the Product, when used within the tolerances of Ring Rescue Incorporated’s product specifications and intended uses.


    1. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES: Except as expressly set forth within this document, Ring Rescue Incorporated explicitly disclaims any other warranties, representations, and guarantees, written or oral, express or implied, including, without limitation, any warranty as to outcome and any condition or warranty implied by the Nova Scotia Sale of Goods Act RSNS 1989, c 408.

    2. NO GUARANTEE OF RESULTS: The Product is designed to decrease finger swelling and therefore finger size. This is intended to assist the Buyer with the safe removal of rings from swollen fingers, without cutting or destroying the ring. Ring Rescue Incorporated explicitly disclaims any express or implied warranty of outcome. Ring Rescue Incorporated and the Buyer acknowledge that there are circumstances and conditions which may cause the Product to be ineffective. Ring Rescue Incorporated is not responsible for any loss or damage that may result from use of the product, including but not limited to loss or damage to jewelry or fingers.

    3. MISUSE: This warranty will not apply to Products subjected to misuse, neglect, alteration, accident, or improper care.

    4. Unless otherwise specified in writing by Ring Rescue Incorporated, the provisions of this warranty extend for one year from the date of retail purchase by the Buyer (the “Warranty Period”).

    5. The Buyer must provide written notice of any claim of breach of warranty to Ring Rescue Incorporated within the Warranty Period.  

    6.  Ring Rescue Incorporated will not be liable for any special or consequential damages as a  result of a breach of this warranty. Ring Rescue Incorporated’s sole obligation in the event of a breach of this warranty will be, at Ring Rescue Incorporated’s sole discretion, to either issue a credit, or repair or replace any Product that is proven to be defective.

    7. Any replacement Product that Ring Rescue Incorporated provides to the Buyer will be subject to the Warranty Period of the Product originally purchased by the Buyer.

    8. Ring Rescue Incorporated will not reimburse or compensate the Buyer for any transportation, duties, labor costs, repairs, or any other work done, unless Ring Rescue  Incorporated has authorized such costs in advance in writing.

    9. Ring Rescue Incorporated and the Buyer both agree to be bound by the laws and legislation of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

    10. This warranty is limited to the precise terms set out above and provides exclusive remedies expressly in lieu of all other remedies.