Ring Rescue is simple. Apply, inflate, and within seconds the device is working, with uniform and measurable air pressure to decrease finger swelling and therefore decrease finger size, so that the ring can be removed.  Return minutes later, remove the device, and attempt to remove the ring intact.  The finger will always be smaller and patients and customers are incredibly happy when the problem is solved with this essential tool, and ring cutting can be avoided. 

Many stuck rings are readily removed by using Ring Rescue, check out our testimonials for some great examples. Particularly challenging cases do sometimes occur, where advanced swelling or finger size makes direct ring removal impossible. Importantly, Ring Rescue will always decrease finger size, which makes ring cutting and other procedures easier in the event you have a particularly difficult case.

Ring Rescue provides a must-have tool for the emergency medicine and jewelry industry toolbox.


Jewelry Industry Use

Providing excellence in this competitive industry requires the best customer support tools. Whether it's a new purchase, or a family heirloom passed though generations, customers are emotionally attached to their rings.

Finger swelling may preclude ring removal. It may be a ring that is becoming uncomfortably tight or it may simply be time to update or resize a ring that just won't come off. Customers deserve every opportunity for nondestructive ring removal, should the need arise.

Ring Rescue offers a new, unique tool for your jewelry store, providing an exclusive service that enhances the customer experience. Ring Rescue is an excellent way to raise and distinguish your service standards, inspiring customer loyalty to keep customers returning for your full suite of jewelry sales and services. Plus, avoid the risks to your customers finger that are associated with ring cutting.

For your customers the value added is unparalleled. For your business, ring alteration, resizing, and upgrading is a direct opportunity.

Emergency Medicine Use

Time is a precious commodity, patient flow is ever important, and tools that make this job easier and more efficient are invaluable.

Ring cutting can be technically difficult (and at times practically impossible), especially with harder materials such as titanium and tungsten. Several methods of ring cutting have been described, all requiring specific equipment and all carry risk, such as risk of thermal burns, traumatic injury, and tissue reactions.

Traditional methods of nondestructive removal are operator dependent, time consuming, and have variable success. Ask most any emergency physician, nurse, or paramedic that has been called upon to do this task!

Avoid prolonged department stays, excessive provider time, and complicated outcomes. Avoid destroying a valuable and sentimental piece of jewellery.  With Ring Rescue, you can appreciate the  increased patient and provider satisfaction and improve patient flow. We are registered with and cleared by the FDA and Health Canada. (Click for FDA Link).



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We are proud to wear a “Made in Canada” badge. Ring Rescue is designed and assembled in Canada and produced with domestic and foreign materials. Ring Rescue Inc. is registered with and cleared by both the FDA and Health Canada, and our manufacturing facility has a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL).


NPR Article 2015

“Titanium rings are tough to crack in this case, the ring cutter failed, and the fire department came in with its own specialized cutting gear...Let's face it, your finger doesn't stay the same size over the years.”

Davidson's Jewellers

“It is quite common for customers to come in seeking ring removal. Ring cutting has been our only option when a ring is stuck. This Ring Rescue device is a potential game-changer for our industry ”

British Medical Journal 2015

“Ring constriction is a relatively common presentation, which can result in necrosis of the affected digit if not relieved. Rings made of gold or silver are easily removed with basic ring cutters; in contrast, titanium rings require specialist cutting equipment...”

Ring Rescue is a registered trademark. Patent Pending.