“...it saved my wedding ring!”

"During my pregnancy I experienced finger swelling and I was so concerned my beautiful wedding ring would need to be cut off. It saved my wedding ring!"

— T.F.

“A jewellery-industry must-have!”

"The jewellery industry has been around for a long time. it is exciting when a device like this comes along and dramatically changes how we approach a common problem. This is a jewellery-industry must-have!"

— John Anderson, Davidsons Jewellers, Ottawa, Canada

JCK Las Vegas: “… they got my ring off right there at the show!”

“I work in the Jewelry Industry, and my wedding ring has been stuck for around 5 years, I have been to several retail jewelers and they have all told me that I will need to have the ring cut off, which I don’t want to do. I saw the Ring Rescue booth at JCK Las Vegas and decided to stop by for a demo. They got my ring off right there at the show!”

“Easy, efficient, and improves emergency department flow”

"Having a tool like this available at triage would be fantastic. Have the ring removed and problem solved before the patient finishes registration. Easy, efficient, and improves emergency department flow - I'm in!"

— J.H.

“Great new tool to help customers, and help our business”

"Strong customer relationships are the pillars of success in the jewellery industry. Customers with stuck rings are apprehensive and feel vulnerable. We wish to inspire customer loyalty and enhance the customer experience. This is a great new tool to help customers, and help our business"

— J.A.

Blue Jays World Series Championship Ring Saved: “Fantastic new product!”

“Patients often need rings removed before surgery or after an injury. Recently, a patients’ Blue Jays World Series Championship Ring was stuck and the swelling was progressing. Ring Rescue allowed me to remove this without cutting, a huge relief to both myself and my patient. Fantastic new product!”

- Dr. John Haverstock, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ontario, Canada

Emergency Doctor uses Ring Rescue for his own stuck ring problem:

“I am an emergency department physician with over 15 years experience, and my ring has been stuck on my finger for the last 6 months. Over the past months I tried all the usual tricks multiple times to get my ring off, elastic bands, string wraps, and I concluded that I would need to have it cut off. Then I tried Ring Rescue, and it worked first try! It was definitely a tight fit but the ring came off no problem”

Dr. John Gillis, Emergency Department Physician, Halifax, Canada

Patient traveled across the country seeking Ring Rescue for ring removal after CBC news story:

“I was very distressed at the prospect of having to have the ring cut off, as it has great sentimental value to me… I learned about Ring Rescue in an article on CBC news, I was traveling to Halifax, and couldn’t believe that I was going to be where the device had been invented! I was able to pay a visit, and Ring Rescue reduced the size of my finger sufficiently for the ring to be removed. I am so very grateful to you and your colleagues for this great invention, which I would recommend to hospitals without hesitation.”

Mavis Smith, Victoria BC, Canada

Ring Rescue in the Worldwide Media: