Emergency Medicine, Urgent Care, Family Medicine & Surgical Clinic Use

Ring Rescue was conceived by Emergency Department Physicians, and Ring Rescue is at home in the hands of ED Physicians, Orthopedic & Plastic Surgeons, Nurses, Paramedics, and other EMS providers. We know first-hand what makes your job easier.

We designed this device to be efficient and practical. Improve flow, decrease length of stay, and increase patient satisfaction through our non-invasive, non-destructive ring removal solution. Even consider applying Ring Rescue at triage, and have the problem solved before the patient even enters the ED.

Time is a valuable commodity, patient flow is ever important, and tools that make this job easier and more efficient can be priceless. Plus, enhance patient satisfaction scores when rings are saved from damaging cutting!

We have our Health Canada Medical Device Establishment License, and we are approved by Health Canada as a Class 1 device for medical industry sales. We have completed the FDA 513(g) as a Class 1 device, and we are are in the process of finalizing FDA clearance for USA medical industry sales. We are clear for USA jewelry industry sales.

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Emergency Departments

Finger Rings stuck in the context of finger swelling represent a common presenting complaint in North American Emergency Departments.

Many materials, especially tungsten and titanium, are technically very difficult to cut, even with high-end electronic ring-cutting equipment. Ring cutting takes time, and can generate heat and cause burns, and high velocity filings can cause injury.

The penrose-drain and elastic-band methods of finger swelling reduction work on the same principles as Ring Rescue, but are very operator-dependent, and are also time consuming and can be difficult to delegate effectively.

Prolonged hospital stays, surgical interventions, and complicated outcomes have all been reported with ring cutting for removal. Traditional methods of nondestructive removal are operator dependent, time consuming, and have variable success.

Ring Rescue is simple. Apply, inflate, and within seconds walk away.  Return, remove the device, and remove the ring intact. Problem solved. Sometimes the amount of swelling or intrinsic finger size is such that direct ring removal is impossible, even with Ring Rescue. In event that direct removal is unsuccessful, the healthcare provider can still benefit from the decreased overall swelling following Ring Rescue use, which makes other methods of removal technically easier. Ring Rescue provides a must-have tool for the emergency medicine toolbox.

Urgent Care, Family Medicine, Surgical and Obstetrical Clinics, and Nursing Home use

Patients often experience the problem of stuck rings needing removal, but sending this problem to the Emergency Department might not always be practical or desirable for your patients. 

Given that ring removal has its own billing codes, it can be beneficial to purchase Ring Rescue and offer this service directly to your patients from the clinic setting. 

Many orthopedic and plastic surgery clinics perform ring removal prior to extremity surgery, or after swelling from extremity injury, and Ring Rescue is an obvious tool for this setting (see below an orthopedic testimonial). Perhaps your geriatric clinic or nursing home wishes to avoid costly and disruptive transfers to hospital for a patient’s stuck ring issue. Perhaps you are at a family medicine or urgent care clinic that wishes to expand comprehensiveness. Or perhaps you work at an obstetrical clinic that sees pregnancy-related complications.

In all these cases, incorporate Ring Rescue into your practice, add our tool to your suite of care options, solve problems and enhance your patient care options.

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Patients often need rings removed before surgery or after an injury. Recently, a patients’ Blue Jays World Series Championship Ring was stuck and the swelling was progressing. Ring Rescue allowed me to remove this without cutting, a huge relief to both myself and my patient. Fantastic new product!
— Dr. John Haverstock, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Ontario, Canada
I am an emergency department physician with over 15 years experience, and my ring has been stuck on my finger for the last 6 months. Over the past months I tried all the usual tricks multiple times to get my ring off, elastic bands, string wraps, and I concluded that I would need to have it cut off. Then I tried Ring Rescue, and it worked first try! It was definitely a tight fit but the ring came off no problem”
— Dr. John Gillis, Emergency Department Physician, Halifax Canada