Q) Is Ring Rescue safe?

A) Absolutely, Ring Rescue is very safe and very easy to use. The device simply applies uniform, measurable, and targeted air pressure to comfortably and gently compress a finger. It always makes a finger smaller, and this effect lasts for several minutes, after which the finger returns to prior size. Customers and patients are often quite surprised at how comfortable and simple it is. Consider the alternative – there are many examples of finger harm from ring cutting. Why take that risk if you don’t have to, now that Ring Rescue offers a new option?

Q) Any notable stuck rings removed?

A) Yes, we removed a stuck Blue Jays World Series Championship Ring, which saved the ring from cutting. It had to be removed before surgery, and it had been stuck for decades. It was a large ring, and a challenging but successful and deeply satisfying case.

 Q) This is certainly interesting, and great for customers with stuck rings, but how does it help my jewelry business?

1) Customer Experience: Customers don’t want their rings cut and tend to be apprehensive about the prospect of this, especially for family heirlooms and sentimental rings. Using our device can dramatically promote customer gratification, please visit our testimonials to read about some of these interactions. Ring Rescue offers a new way to enhance customer experience and customer loyalty, we are a natural fit into your CX strategy.

2) Ring reworking and upgrading sales: When a ring is removed, the obvious next step is ring resizing or reworking, which presents an important sales opportunity. The goodwill generated by offering non-destructive ring removal is a great launching point for ring reworking business.

3) Risk reduction: Ring cutting confers risk of finger injury, and to many jewelers this risk is uncomfortable or unacceptable. For many, Ring Rescue offers a novel risk reduction strategy when it comes to ring removal at their retail store.

4) A New solution for tough problems: Some rings (such as titanium) are nearly impossible to cut, and limited removal options existed before Ring Rescue. This new tool for your toolbox provides a new problem-solving option.

4) Acquire new business: Many people have stuck rings that are not necessarily problematic right now, but they would remove for resizing if they could do so without cutting. We offer a window sticker for your retail jewelry store, that identifies your capabilities to remove stuck rings without ring cutting, which can bring in customers who have been previously hesitant out of fear of ring cutting. The spin-off business makes Ring Rescue an obvious purchase. Please contact us if you would like one of these stickers.

5) Cost effective: We have testimonials from jewelers whereby one use of Ring Rescue has generated business that has paid for the device purchase many times over. Some tools are used more than others. Whether you use this device 5 times or more than 100 times over its 5-year lifespan, often a single use can lead to important business.

7) Quality reflects quality: Customers often feel vulnerable and uncomfortable with a stuck ring. Take a step forward from “can-opener” cutters, rudimentary string wraps, and Windex. Present your customers with our quality product and a customer-centered approach to ring removal. This reflects positively on your store’s overall approach to customer service. Impress your customers at this crucial time, enhance your quality reputation and the customer experience.

Q) It looks medical, can you comment on quality?

It has to be medical quality because it is a Class 1 Medical Device, cleared by Health Canada and the FDA, which is required for hospital use. As a retail jeweler, you get the benefit of this medical quality. When we developed this product, our team of doctors and engineers were committed to making Ring Rescue safe, easy to use, and top quality. In fact, we are backed by the quality systems required for manufacturing medical devices, and we also offer a 1 year warranty (click to view). Our company and our brand is committed to producing a quality device that discerning users in the medical and jewelry industries can use confidently with patients and customers.

Q) Does Ring Rescue actually pull the ring off?

A) No, Ring Rescue is not designed to directly interact with a ring. Ring Rescue applies targeted pressure to make the finger smaller, and this allows a ring that was stuck to now have enough room to be removed. You first use Ring Rescue to reduce finger size, you then remove our device, and then proceed with ring removal.

Q) What about big rings and big stones?

A) No problem! Move the ring towards the base of the finger, so that the knuckle region is free for application of the device. Inflating the device applies targeted pressure over the knuckle, and then once device operation is completed and the device is removed, ring removal can then be attempted. Ring Rescue is not intended to go over top of a ring.  On rare occasion, you may encounter a ring that is so large and bulky that Ring Rescue cannot be used, this is exceptionally rare, there is almost always enough room on a finger to move a ring away from the knuckle enough to get effective device use.

Q) I like ring cutting and have been doing so for years, so where does Ring Rescue fit with me?

A) Some rings you can’t cut, and some fingers are so swollen that cutting is very difficult. Cutting also leaves sharp edges that confer risk. You have many tools for many tasks and we offer a new tool for your toolbox. You decide which cases may be best managed by our new Ring Rescue tool.

Q) I hate ring cutting, and I don’t want the risks and liability associated with cutting, is Ring Rescue a fit with me?

A) We understand why you hate ring cutting, it can be time consuming, it confers risk, and customers generally hate having their precious ring cut. That is precisely why you should consider Ring Rescue, as a new and safe tool to approach the issue of stuck rings – without ring cutting! Customers will wear rings, rings will get stuck, and we have a new option for you.

Q) Does Ring Rescue use result in 100% success for ring removal?

A) No, our device will not solve every stuck ring problem (nor will ring cutters be able to cut every ring). However, Ring Rescue will always reduce finger size, sometimes this is modest and sometimes this is dramatic. With Ring Rescue use we are seeing around 80% success for stuck ring removal by experienced retail jewelers that utilize good ring removal techniques. It also really depends on how stuck a ring is. A ring that recently went on a finger might be easily removed in nearly every case. Sometimes ring removal is still tricky even after finger size reduction, and ring removal technique and jeweler experience may become the determining factors for removal success. Sometimes direct ring removal is entirely impossible. Every tool has its uses and limitations. Ring Rescue is an important new tool that always reduces finger swelling and makes a finger smaller, hence making removal of many stuck rings possible (and ring cutting easier). With experience you can often learn to predict which cases are most feasible. Even if “nondestructive” ring removal is ultimately unsuccessful, your customer can still appreciate your customer-centered approach to solving this problem with our product.

Q) What about arthritic fingers with large bony knuckles and rings present for decades?

A) Ring Rescue will always compress the soft tissues surrounding a knuckle bone, and will always reduce finger size. The extent of size reduction really depends on the amount of reversible swelling present.  The bone size cannot be changed, and some arthritic fingers do present an impossible scenario for direct ring removal. With experience a user can often estimate whether ring removal will be feasible with Ring Rescue.

Q) What about weight gain scenarios?

A) Ring Rescue still works in cases of fatty tissue weight gain, as the device will always compress a finger and always make it smaller. However, we do find the degree of finger size reduction for fatty tissue may be less compared to cases of edema or swelling (such as pregnancy), and success rates can be less in these cases of excessive weight gain. Ring removal ultimately still depends on ring size, finger size, amount of reversible swelling, and then proficiency with ring removal techniques.

Q) When Ring Rescue applies pressure, the fingertip sometimes appears a bit discolored. Is this OK?

Yes, this is expected and any discoloration of the finger returns to normal shortly after the device is removed.

Q) This is really cool! Do you have patent protection?

A) Absolutely, we have invested heavily in a very strong global patent strategy. We believe that our unique device has redefined the industry standard for ring removal, with our combination of device functionality, legal patent work, strong branding, commitment to quality, and our concurrent medical pedigree.

Q) You offer a 1-year warranty? Where can I find the detailed information?

There are links to our warranty on each page of our website, or simply CLICK HERE

Q) Ok, I’m sold. How can I buy one?

A) You can order Ring Rescue through our website by clicking on the “Order Now” button. You can also purchase Ring Rescue at select Canadian, USA, and international distributors: